Cafe World Icon Guide

When you enter your Cafe World application on your facebook, you will see this picture with a lot of icon / button. There’s already explanation for each icon if you hover your mouse on them.

On the top left you will find 2 icons

The coin = total of your Cafe Coins
paper money = i think this will be the amount of your cash money (coming soon)

On the middle top we have this icon
The number means the experience / Cafe Points that you have (792) , if you hover the mouse on it will tell you how much Cafe Points you’ll need for the next level (1070) :)
And the right number tells your level (6)

Earn Cafe Points by visiting neighbors and cooking dishes. Earn enough and you’ll Level Up!
New levels let you purchase extra stoves, hire additional waiters and cook more dishes!

On top right you’ll find this icon :
This is your Cafe Name, Click to change your Cafe name.

This is Buzz Rating
Your Buzz Rating determines how many customers walk into your cafe.
Happy customers will increase your Buzz, while sad customers make it go down.

On bottom left you’ll find this icons :

Manage Friends
You can manage your Employees in here.
If there’s any position available you will have a “Position Available! Hire” click, and choose your friends to be your employee :)
Note : you can’t change your employee outfit, you will find them with different outfit when your friends changed their outfit

In this icon you will find :

Decor :
- tables
- chairs
- doors
- windows
- floors
- walls
- decor

Functional :
- stoves
- counters

Expand Cafe :
how many tile that you can buy, to unlock you must per level
to sell / gift items you can drag any item you want to this icon

Change Clothes
You can style your character in here, change clothes face, skin color, etc.

You can pick any dishes you want in here if you have any stoves available.
On bottom right you’ll find this icon
Use gifts - sending any gift to your friends :)
Ribbons - i think this will be award that you’ll achive later (coming soon)