Cafe World Cheats and Tips

Cafe World takes the best elements from Restaurant City and combine them with the tried and true elements from FarmVille in the newest Facebook game from Zynga. The new game features means that you need to do
a lot more planning to be successful than in most other social games, this guide includes some useful tips for scheduling dishes and maximize your profits and cafe point. If you want to speed things up even more, make sure to try out the Cafe World cheats at the end of this article.

The biggest change in Cafe World is the way dishes are prepared. Rather than have your chef prepare individual servings, you will be making up to several hundred servings at a time. Naturally, the more servings you make, the longer it will take to make them. This means that you need to plan out your meals carefully. If you want to cook the dishes that take a day or more to complete, you have to make sure you have available stoves to keep your customers fed while waiting. This again means you have to manage the counter space so that you will have a spot to serve all your amazing dishes.

The Tips and Strategy for Cafe World

The actual schedule will vary based on how many stoves and tables you have in your cafe, but I find that as a general rule, you need around 400 - 500 servings to keep your guests happy for an hour. This number will very a lot based on how you set up your cafe, but as a rule of thumb ti should be a good starting point. This means that before you can start serving the more advanced dishes, you should build up a stock pile of faster dishes.

The hamburgers take only 5 minutes to make, but you only get 13 servings. Still, making about 100 burgers will give you time to make the fruit salad. The fruit salad is a great dish for new Cafe World players. It is fast to make, it takes just 15 minutes, and gives 100 servings. If you use all your stoves, you should be able to build up an hours stockpile of dishes in just 15 minutes. When playing, I always make as much fruit salad as I can, and right before I turn of the game for the night, I'll start a dish that will take over night to be done. The fruit salad will keep the guests happy for at least a while, and when you get back to your game, the complicated dish will earn you some serious cafe points.

Once you have established a rotation of dishes, the huge serving sizes of the more complicated dishes means you don't have to make fruit salads anymore if attending to the game every 15 minutes is too much. Money wise it will not make a big difference, but the cafe points will be a lot better for the dishes that take longer to make.

That is the basic playing strategy for Cafe World, there no need to worry about your chef or waiter getting tired or running out of ingredients, all you need to do is make sure you have dishes available for your guests.

With that out of the way, it's time to explore some of the cheats that can help you score big in Cafe world. Like most of the new social games, you can send free gifts to your neighbors and friends in Cafe World. The gifts are capped at one free gift a day, but if you are playing using Firefox, you can send as many free gifts as you want.

The Cheats

Gift Cheats
To use the cheat, before you have given any gifts, right click on the 'gifts' tab on top of the game and select 'open link in new browser'. This will open the gift giving screen in a new tab in your browser. Repeat this as many times as you'd like. I have tried the cheat with up to 20 different tabs without problems. Once you have all your tabs with the gift giving page open, go back to every single one and select the gift you want to give. Do this for every single tab without confirming the selection. Once you have done this for every single tab, go back again and confirm on each page, selecting who you want to send the gift to. Again, do not confirm the sending of the gift on this page. Do this in every tab again, and when you go back to your first tab, you should be able to confirm the gift and send it from each of your open tabs. This way you can send unlimited gifts to your friends, or if you'd like to receive unlimited gifts, create an alternate gifting account that can send you an abundance of any gift you would like.

Fast Waiter Cheats
Another very helpful cheat will let you serve and make food without your chef or waiter having to move to the different tables. To take advantage of this cheat, all you have to do is arrange the tables and counters so the waiter can't get to the front of the tables. You can do this by either trapping the waiter in the corner behind the counters, or by placing the tables so they can't be reached. Instead of giving up on serving, the waiter will get your guests a plate instantly when they sit down. Cleaning up works in the same magical way. This cuts down serving time to nothing and allows amazing amounts of guests to be served. In fact, this set up is so efficient that you will have a hard time keeping enough food in stock. If you keep on your toes and make fruit salad constantly, you will just be able to keep up with demand. The upside is that you will see the money rolling in and your buzz rating will be topped out in no time.

Follow these tips and cheats and you will soon be running the fanciest cafe in Cafe World.


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