How to Collect Your Tips

Much like the real world, tips don't just magically appear in your Cafe World bank account. In real life, if you were to pick up a tip from a restaurant that you owned or worked at, you'd have to stop back by the table after your guests finished paying. In Cafe World, you do that stopping in again through the Facebook Notification system.

After your friends dine at your cafe and if they choose to leave you a tip, the head's up for your tip will come in through your Facebook Notifications. If you have your Facebook Home page open, you'll see a pop-up alert that lets you know you have a tip ready.

Below are the steps for checking your Notification history to pick up any tips you might have missed.

  • Go to your Facebook Home Page
  • On the bottom right of the screen, next to the Chat feature, look for the Notifications signpost
  • Click the Notificiations signpost. At the top of the submenu, underneath the blue border bar, there is a link for "See All."
  • Click "See All."
  • The notifications are sorted by date. The Cafe World notifications have a little hamburger for an icon. The tip notification will read something like, "Suzie Quezie and 4 others just ate at your restaurant and left you a tip! Click here to see how much you got! 8:00am"
  • When you click the link, you'll be taken the "clipboard" screen in game. On the clipboard, there is a section for Tips Earned. Next to the coin jar, look for these words: You earned X Coins as Tips from your friends!

In order to receive Tips, you must allow Cafe World as an application to send you notifications. You can change the status of Cafe World's access to your notifications by checking or unchecking the access authorized box on that same "See All" notification page.


Cafe World Cheats and Tips

Cafe World takes the best elements from Restaurant City and combine them with the tried and true elements from FarmVille in the newest Facebook game from Zynga. The new game features means that you need to do
a lot more planning to be successful than in most other social games, this guide includes some useful tips for scheduling dishes and maximize your profits and cafe point. If you want to speed things up even more, make sure to try out the Cafe World cheats at the end of this article.

The biggest change in Cafe World is the way dishes are prepared. Rather than have your chef prepare individual servings, you will be making up to several hundred servings at a time. Naturally, the more servings you make, the longer it will take to make them. This means that you need to plan out your meals carefully. If you want to cook the dishes that take a day or more to complete, you have to make sure you have available stoves to keep your customers fed while waiting. This again means you have to manage the counter space so that you will have a spot to serve all your amazing dishes.


Table Of Contents

The Most Comprehensive Restaurant City Guide, Tips and Database ever compiled. Pack with up to date items, tools, tips, tricks and guide on how to play Playfish's latest game, Restaurant City.


Cafe World Guide, Tips and Tricks

If you've never played Cafe World, or any other Zynga game for that matter, start. Right now. You don't know what you're missing. Cafe World is like owning your own restaurant. You make food, serve it, and have a waitress/waiter serve it to guests to eat. Simple, yet amazing game. Just give it a try.

The Basics

Cafe World has a few things that you should generally know, much like all Zynga games, to let you understand the game a little better. This is basically a rundown of the layout of the game. Veteran players will not need to read this:

Your Cook: This is you. You operate as the cook of your Cafe. Customize as you want, just be sure to notice that some items cost coins to buy.
Your Waiter/Waitress: This is one of your friends. They will pick up food and serve your customers, as well as clean up after them.
Your Cafe: This is where your customers will come in, and this is the entire area of the game to customize and play in.
Coins: The currency of the game. COINS ARE NOT CASH.
Cash: The "pay to use" currency of the game. If you haven't started playing or are new to Zynga games, don't worry about this until later in the FAQ. It's useless right now.
Buzz Rating: The score of your cafe. If guests enjoy your cafe, you get more. If they don't, you get less. Lowest is 5 and highest is 105.
Experience/Level: The more experience, the more you'll level. Like any game.


Cafe World Icon Guide

When you enter your Cafe World application on your facebook, you will see this picture with a lot of icon / button. There’s already explanation for each icon if you hover your mouse on them.

On the top left you will find 2 icons

The coin = total of your Cafe Coins
paper money = i think this will be the amount of your cash money (coming soon)


Cafe World - Buzz Rating Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 and 10

1) Open the game Cafe World
2) Open Cheat Engine, choose your browser in the process list. Tick HEX, 8 bytes, also scan read-only memory
3) Put 3B840FC98574498B in the hex box
4) You will find 1 address right-click then disassemble
5) Look for "test ecx,ecx"
6) Change it to "test ecx,edx"
7) Then change it back to "test ecx,ecx" after 30 sec

This hack also been you as a money/coin cheat. As long you use the speedhack to fasten the cooking. Apply this cheat and you see the customer flow coming in fast and your money rolling.. Enjoy!


Cafe World - Speed Hack

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 or Here
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 and 10

1) On your Cafe World application.
2) Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
3) On the right hand side of the Cheat engine simply check on Speed hack
4) Enter your desired speed. Do not increase your speed above 30 as it will encounter timeout. Preferably set to 15
5) Watch your buzz rating go up, your coin increases and the best food to go along would be salad and burgers if you just started playing Zynga Cafe World.